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cannon_fanatic's Journal


Ron Bilius Weasley
1 March 1980
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28.09.07 - Cleared the friends list. This journal has been involved in its fair shair of RP games and half the journals aren't involved anymore. Will be adding friends back as they become relevent, no worries!

25.09.07 - User ronald_weasley is now known as cannon_fanatic. Same journal, different name!

I'm Ron. I enjoy doing stuff with my friends and procrastinating. People often confuse me for one of my brothers, which seems really stupid, yet is oddly understandable as we all have red hair. Though there was this one time some bloke in Diagon Alley thought I was my sister which was really embarassing. I'm also a loyal fan to the Chudley Cannons.

Part of desperatefans since 29 March 2005.